Homeward Bound


Last Saturday, we received the news that all missionaries in Japan except for the natives will go home to their home country. I was exceedingly sad to leave Japan, especially that I’ve developed genuine love towards them. I love being a missionary in Japan and helping both members and non-members to come closer to Christ, but I know that I’m not called to a place but I’m called to the work.

These past few weeks have been rough for me. I had a hard time leaving my bean area (1st area) and now that I’m leaving the country within a few days. I wasn’t actually expecting that I’m going to be transferred, so I did my groceries and bought my fruits since I’m allergic to medicinal Vitamin C.Not knowing that I was going to be transferred, I was left with just a few Yen which was not enough for transfer travels. Long story short, the Akashi Elders called me and told me that I’m going to be transferred in the Kobe Zone.

Moving forward to the next day, I packed my things and was getting prepared for tomorrow when I then realized that I have a bike to carry in the train. So I then decided to shipped it to my area instead so we went to a bike store to ask a bike box – walking for 3 hours carrying a box that’s bigger in size than me. I can see the eyes of the Japanese scrutinizing us as we walk in the busy roads of Japan. I never imagined that I’ll be doing this on my mission. The next day, I went to my new area in Toyooka City and met a new friend on my way. I had a strong prompting to talk to him even though we’re not supposed to and it so happened that he was so stressed out in finding for a new job and needs someone to talk to. He told us that he wants to learn more about Jesus Christ and ‘respects His contribution to Humanity’. We scheduled a lesson with him and I might do it during my 14-day quarantine period back home.