Quarantined in our Apartment


We’re still in quarantine this week but life in Japan is starting to be normal again. A lot of cars are now on the roads again and students are playing outside.

This week, I was inspired to focus my studies on reading and understanding the Japanese version of the Book of Mormon. Although, my reading speed is still slow my reading comprehension improved! I had an impression that I need to focus on the scriptures in our lessons like what the sons of Mosiah did so I hid to that prompting. Our last lesson with our investigator, we taught from the scriptures and explained the principles of the gospel using it. We finished the entire Lesson 3 with our friend and he exclaimed: “I really need to be baptized.” However, he is having a hard time understanding the principle of enduring to the end and we’re doing all we can to explain it to him simply and clearly. We also had a new person to teach last week and despite the quarantine, we’re seeing a lot of success in bringing people to come closer to the Savior through the internet.