More Miracles Amid Novel Corona Virus Epidemic


The area presidency recently gave us a new safety guideline in response to the virus spreading throughout the world. The Area Presidency asked us to self-quarantine in our apartments and asked us not to leave the apartment except if we’re going to buy groceries or for emergency evacuation. Church services were also cancelled and instead, we had a digital testimony meeting through a conference app. But before the church sent the new precautionary guidelines for all missionaries in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Mongolia, Cambodia, and Thailand we saw miracles this week.

Last Preparation Day, we went to a store and was looking for things to put in our new and empty apartment. As the sales lady was showing us around, we started a conversation with her and asked if she’s a student and she said Yes. Right after we asked her that, she asked what’s our occupation and without hesitation, we told that we’re volunteers for the church. She then asked “キリスト教?” which is “Jesus Christ’s church?” in English and we said yes we’re Christian missionaries. She told us that she’s also Christian and was searching for a church to go to. She then asked if she could go to church with us, we then invited her to church and gave her the mission QR code.

The next day, while we were doing streeting (teaching in the streets), we met a group of foreigners from Cambodia! I said Hi to them and then they stopped and said hello back to us. We asked if they’re students and they said yes and asked us what we’re doing here in Japan. We told them our purpose and upon hearing the church name, the older guy pulled out his phone and was searching for something. We didn’t know what he was doing so we still continued talking to the other Cambodians as he continues to search his phone. When he found what he was looking for he showed it to us. It was a church pass along card he received last Christmas. He told us that he wants to visit the church but didn’t know where the church is and he’s busy with his studies and job. He asked us how far is the church from Bic Camera (near Okayama Central Station) so I told him around 8 mins by bike. He also told us that he had already met the missionaries in his village in Cambodia so we invited him to church next Sunday and asked for his LINE account. That day, I messaged him and he told us that he really wanted to go to church here in Japan and even when he gets home to Cambodia! Unfortunately, the Area Presidency just announced that church be cancelled here until further notice. The Lord is indeed preparing people when we open our mouths.

The following days, the threat of Coronavirus becomes worst and some people start to avoid us since we’re foreigners. So we decided to visit libraries and donate Books of Mormon instead. Although we didn’t visit all the libraries in our area we will continue our efforts in placing Books of Mormon to all the libraries within our area.

Yesterday, I had one of my most amazing Sunday experience! We had a testimony meeting via the Internet. All the missionaries within the Okayama Zone bore their testimonies about the Saviour and how we are utilizing social media in our proselyting efforts while we’re in quarantine. I felt the spirit so strongly despite the barrier that we had. Right after our testimony meeting, I called our friend and we had a lesson with him. We followed him up in his baptismal commitment and enthusiastically he said that he still wants to be baptized. I’ve never imagined that I’ll see a Japanese person so eager to follow the Savior and easily accepted our baptismal invitation! The Lord is indeed mindful for all his children and helps the honest seeker of truth to receive an answer from him.