Always Trust God


We’ve been in lockdown for several days now because of the virus outbreak in China, and since we’re in self-quarantine, I’ve had a lot of chance to read the scriptures and to become closer to my Savior. I also had tons of time to contemplate and to get to know Him more. This week, I’ve learned how to effectively use technology in better ways than my previous social media habits. The Lord has given us these tools to utilize it in ways that can help others feel loved and to come closer to the Savior.

Before the outbreak, I was honestly enjoying streeting (teaching in the streets) and talking to people despite several rejections, but because of the quarantine, it makes it harder for us to find more people and even teaching through video call is tough. But in spite of it, we got two new contacts and had lessons with four of our friends through Line. Additionally, three of our friends that I honestly couldn’t remember when I first met them, messaged me all of a sudden asking us to meet in person. It crashed my heart cause for the first time, we rejected a person-to-person lesson. We explained to them the real reason on why we couldn’t meet them and just told them we can do video chat instead for the meantime. It is indeed difficult but I know that everything has a purpose and I just need to trust the Lord.

Yesterday, we also finished the entire Plan of Salvation lesson for our friend who has a baptismal date. But before that, we had a lesson with him last Wednesday which was so amazing that I want to briefly talk about in my letter. We followed up his commitment in reading our assigned scripture verses (Moroni 10:3 – 5), and when we asked him where he’s at in the Book of Mormon right now he told us that he’s in page 28! He’s been doing an advance reading and told us that he wants to go to church again so badly! He’s really progressing and I hope he will continue to follow the covenant path! There are more miracles that I’ve witnessed this week that further strengthens my testimony that even in the toughest times “no unhollowed hand can stop the work from progressing….” I know that God’s wisdom is beyond my comprehension but I know that there’s a purpose for all of this. I earnestly pray for everyone that all will be safe as this virus continually take the lives of many. I would like to testify that He knows what He’s doing and all that we need to do is to trust Him.