The Diamond Investigator

The threat of Corona Virus has affected our work significantly. Since we’re in the centre of Okayama Prefecture, it is more likely that an infected person will visit the city anytime soon. The Area Presidency has also announced that we should avoid crowded places and big gatherings. We’re also asked to avoid all forms of public transportations and to cancel all meetings that we have. But despite all that, we still had a lot of teaching lessons and found another new friend this week.

This week, we had a lesson with the friend I met in the park. In our second lesson with him, I was strongly prompted to ask him to be baptized so I followed it without hesitation. He said one of the most beautiful answers I’ve heard. He didn’t just say yes or no but he answered: If I’ll receive an answer from Heavenly Father, I will follow Jesus Christ and will dedicate my life to him.” I felt the spirit so strongly and I was speechless, my companion knew that I’m trying my best not to be emotional so he took it from there and we then scheduled his baptismal date.

We’ve also donated Books of Mormon to 2 of the biggest library in the city. I talked to the librarian with my limited Japanese and explained a little about the book. They accepted both the English and Japanese copy of the book and would soon display it at the library. I know that we won’t see any result yet but I know it will help an honest seeker someday. I really love this opportunity to serve others and I’m praying for everyone to be safe from this awful virus.