Golden People


There are indeed miracles if you believe. This past few days, we’ve seen a lot of it and met golden people 金人.

Last Monday, my companion and I were visiting less active members but since none of them was there we decided to write them simple notes. It seems like it took me hours to write a single letter because of Kanji but still, I did it. Despite the time it took me to write those notes we were ahead of our schedule so I asked Elder Torribiano 著老 what he wanted to do and he said knocking. Although I’m not a fan of knocking  I still agreed to it. After several rejections, I suggested going to Okayama Prefecture Park.  When we got there, I started to talk and talk to everyone we met but we still found no one. After hours of walking at the park, my companion told me that we should go to Okayama station 岡山駅 and continue our proselyting efforts there. My companion went to a different way not noticing the persons in front of us but I was prompted to talk to them. Still not knowing why I went and talked to the 2 individuals resting on the bench. The first person just plainly looked at me and ignored what I said so I moved on to the other person and said hi to him and he said hello back to me! Being filled with enthusiasm, I asked him questions to get to know him better and seems that we share the same interest in music. In the middle of our conversation, I found a chance to share our purpose so I told him that we’re missionaries for the church and we want to follow the example of Christ of helping people. He paused and then asked “モルモン教?”, which in English is “are you a Mormon?” my companion said yes. The guy paused for a while and told us that his brother is a member and now in Utah studying. I then asked for his contact information and asked for a follow-up meeting. We had a lesson with him this week and we were able to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon.

The following days, we had a zone conference and an area seventy who leads the Asia North Area of the church went to Okayama to give us training. He’s from Seoul, South Korea and served his mission in Busan South Korea Mission. He taught me a very valuable lesson to always rely on the Spirit and not on my own strength. For the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to again contemplate why God sent me to Japan when I don’t have any background about the language. I realized that He wants me to rely on Him and not on my own strength. He wants me to always pray and ask for His help that’s why He sent me here in this area. I was reminded of the answer I received before when I was praying inside the temple.

This week, I also had a very productive exchange 交換 with one of the zone leaders in Okayama. We did several contact exchanges, gave 6 Books of Mormon モルモン書, and taught the gospel to a lot of Japanese people. All of that was possible because we opened our mouths. I know that if we start to open our mouths and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, He will fill our mouths on what to say because I’ve experienced it myself. We got 2 new people and a  family to teach about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m now starting to be confident to speak the language,  thanks to my MTC teachers: Brother  Huber 兄弟 &  Brother Blackley 兄弟 and to my awesome trainer Elder Pionita 著老. I’ve also found studying Kanji 漢字 to be very effective for remembering new vocabularies 単語.