The Golden Opportunity

This past few weeks we had a lot of teaching appointments and met a lot of new people. I wasn’t even able to write a letter last week! Last Sunday on January 26, I had one of my most spiritual sacrament experience. A deaf and mute member of the ward gave a talk! He’s been going to church every Sunday and members always translate the talks for him every sacrament meetings. I also communicate with him using Japanese Sign Language and is the reason why I often ask members to teach me JSL. As he bore his testimony about Jesus Christ, I felt the spirit so strong and surprisingly I understood most of what he said. After the sacrament meeting, we went to a member’s house and had dinner, lesson, and the mum performed magic tricks to us. The next day, we taught our I.T. friend again and tried to offer him the Book of Mormon, but again, he rejected it. He then messaged us after that he no longer wants to meet with us but maybe in the future, he will meet with the missionaries again. We decided to drop him. But I know someday he’ll get baptized! He’s just not ready yet.

The following days, we met with our Japanese friends and toured around Okayama City. I met one of them in our exchanges with Graham 著老. We exchanged lines and I immediately messaged him that night. He invited his 2 friends with him in our meeting and it happens that he and his other friend have a high leadership position in their school! We built trust and relationship with them and planned to meet again after their exams.

This past few weeks, I also witnessed my 2nd baptism in our ward in Okayama City and my 2nd opportunity to bless the sick in Japanese. We met a lot of new people and have 7 new investigators this week. We’ve talked to hundreds of people and got several of their contact information. We’re now trying to get an appointment with them this week. We also found a 金人 (golden person) who we met while we were street contacting. He’s even the one who asked for our line account, the church name, and even asked for the church address because he wants to go to church “as soon as possible”, according to him. He also studied English in the Philippines and have a Christian background due to his visit in the country. Also, he had already met the missionaries when he was in High School! He also invited us for dinner and when he saw us praying he also prayed! He told us that he was taught how to pray when he was in Manila! I’m so excited for him and his progression in the gospel of Jesus Christ! Also, my companion got transferred to Osaka City and I’m staying at Okayama City with my new companion.