Opening Your Mouth Brings Miracles

With the Oshima 家族 [family]

It’s been a week now since I last saw the sun. It’s either foggy, rainy, or cloudy here in Okayama City. Last Preparation Day, we went bowling and billiards with the Okayama Elders. I won by 1 point against my companion in bowling but lost in billiards. After our game, we went to a Yakiniku restaurant to celebrate one of the Sister Missionary’s birthday together with our friend! We had so much fun and we sang Happy Birthday as loud as we can so that people in the restaurant will join us and they did!

We did a lot of lessons and street contacting this week. Last Thursday, I was with my batchmate because both of our senpai [senior companion] went to Kobe for leadership training. We were supposed to go to Himeji and 電動 (proselyte) there but I asked if we could stay at Okayama instead because we had 2 lessons. After dropping my Senpai at the 岡山駅 (Okayama Station), we talked to a lot of people as much as we can. After 3 hours, we had several meaningful contacts and scheduled a second meeting with them! I also met a group of Filipinos and had the chance to talk to them about the gospel. At first, they didn’t believe me that I was a missionary receiving no salary. I explained to them that we want to follow Jesus Christ’s example that He teach people without expecting anything in return. Religion should be about us learning and nourishing our spiritual needs and shouldn’t be about money.

The next morning, we started our day heading to the library to study. On our way, we dropped by at a nearby FamilyMart to grab food for breakfast and we met a man who kept on looking at us. I said Konnichiwa to him and he asked if we’re college students and we said no. We told him that we’re volunteers here in Japan helping people in their everyday lives and at the same time teaching about Jesus Christ. He couldn’t believe it at first that there are people in Japan who don’t get paid but still willing to help anyone. He then asked for how long we will be volunteers and we told him 2 years. He then started talking of how ridiculous his own countrymen for just focusing on themselves earning money and praised us for our service. He also told us that Jesus Christ teaches peace and he complimented us missionaries for promoting world peace. He kept on saying “Goodo” which is katakana English for “good or good job”. We then talked about Jesus Christ coming to the American continent and I offered him the Book of Mormon but he declined saying that he’s too old to change religion.

After our study at the library, we visited members and did street find after. We talked to a lot of people and witnessed a lot of 奇跡 (miracles). We met a group of students at AEon Mall and my batchmate started doing magic tricks to them. We got to talk with them and became friends with them. We also got to know that they met the missionaries when they were in Tokyo! After that, we walked and walked around the area and talked to people we meet and got a lot of their contact information. We were so tired of walking so we decided to sit down and rest for a while when a woman approached us saying that she’s a  Christian. We then asked to what church does she go to and introduced her the Book of Mormon. We talked about the restoration and explained the truths that were restored which were once lost.  We then gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon with the questions of the souls inserted to it. She gladly accepted it. We also met a family from Australia and had the chance to share the gospel to them. The mother asked for a pamphlet but I don’t have an English pamphlet with me. So, I instead asked for her Line account and sent her the church website so they could schedule a lesson from the missionaries in Australia.  After it, we rushed towards the church for our lesson.

Yesterday, I had one of my most spiritual sacrament meetings. A deaf member who can’t speak gave a talk! He communicated to us using sign language and a member translated it. I felt the spirit so strong and his love for the saviour.