God Delights in Efforts

Japanese sunset


We had a very 忙しい (busy) week — so busy that we even had to cut our preparation day 5 hours short because of our tight schedule. But, this was a 素晴らしい (wonderful) week because we had the opportunity to bless a sick person. She broke her spinal cord and it’s painful for her to move around. We gave her a Priesthood blessing and a little present. When we gave the present, which was a cupcake bought at a convenience store, she cried.  It was just a normal present for us but she viewed it differently. She was moved not because of the little gift itself but of the effort, we did for her. We were soon informed that it was her birthday last week. God works similarly, I’ve always wondered why did God asked Moses to meet him on top of Mt. Sinai if He can just meet Him halfway? Why do we need to pray for blessings or for answers if He can just give it to us without doing all the work? I’ve come to realize that God delights in efforts. He wants us to make an effort and in doing so He will then bless us. He never expects us to be perfect but he wants us to continually strive.

The following days, I started to feel ill. In spite of it, we still went out to 電動  (proselyte). We visited Emily さん and she invited us to her house to eat. After that, we went to Himeji and saw the largest 城 (castle) in Japan. We stayed there with the Himeji Elders for a night. We went to Kobe the next morning. There, I met my 同期 (batchmates) and my awesome MTC companion and had the chance to chat with other missionaries. We went home afterwards and slept with the Okayama Elders since our district meeting will start early the next morning. During that day, we also had a lesson with one of our I.T. friends and he always asks questions and clarifications in every lesson we had. Last time he asked, “if God called Prophets to guide His children before, does that mean we still have a Prophet today?”

The next day, my condition became worst so after our study at the library, I told my companion that I needed to go to a hospital to see a doctor. We went to the nearest building around the Library to what we thought was a hospital. When we got there, it happened to be an office building of the Red Cross, so my companion asked a pedestrian for directions. She then went straight to the Red Cross office building and asked for help. Three people from the building went down and another one with printed directions. They were about to call an ambulance but I told them I don’t need it, I just needed to see a doctor, so one of them volunteered to take us to the nearest clinic. I got to see a doctor and he gave me 4 medicines. My meeting with him was actually 面白い (fun)! We were doing charades all the time because we don’t know any medical vocabulary in Japanese. He even asked me if my companion was my お父さん (father) hehehe.

The following days my health improved gradually and we talked to every people we met in the streets. We had over 40 meaningful contacts and several contact attempts. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to a land of non-believers is indeed challenging but is indeed fulfilling especially when they start to accept Jesus Christ in their lives.