Land of the Rising Sun

At Okayama City River

Talking to people in the busy streets of Japan in freezing cold weather just to be rejected, ignored, and sometimes pitied is an experience not to be delighted by many. I’ve had experiences talking to people and at first, they smile and laugh but when they read the name Christ on my badge their countenance change. They’re afraid of Christ and it grieves me to know that there are people who are scared of the savior. Because of this, I know that my work here is important and I know that I’m called by a prophet to let them know that Christ is not a person to be scared of and that God loves and knows them individually.

Last week, we had a Christmas conference together with Shikoku and Kobe Zone. The mission split our conferences into two: (1) Okayama, Shikoku, and Kobe zone; (2) Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara zone. Filipino missionaries in the mission also performed at the Christmas conference; we sang Christmas in our Hearts and other Station ID’s that I don’t know how to sing! We also had exchange gifts, games, and ice cream!

We also had another Preparation Day this Christmas week but instead of resting and sightseeing, we decided to proselyte instead. We wore our white shirts, ties, and nametag and teach people about Christ. We also helped a preparing missionary in his application. He was studying at a University in Hawaii but decided not to continue to also serve a full-time mission for the church. We also did carolling to members and instead of us receiving gifts, we gave them chocolates.

I really love Japan and I’m privileged to be serving here. I’ve witnessed a lot of miracles and great experiences here and I’d like to testify that you can indeed see miracles in your mission if you work hard. I also know that we are assigned to a place for a reason. All we have to do is to work diligently.