My Christmas Week in Japan

Christmas gifts from ward members

This week, I developed an even deeper love for the Japanese people.

One day, my companion and I were in a laundry shop (we don’t have a washing machine at that time), a grandma talked to me. We had a wonderful conversation. I told her that I’m a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ and I follow His example of helping everyone without expecting anything in return and she started reminiscing about her childhood. I only understood 90% of our conversation because she used difficult vocabularies. We talked, laughed, and she’s very happy that she found a Filipino again. She also told me that she’s Buddhist but some of her family members are Christians so when they’re praying, they pray separately. I offered help while she was folding her curtains but she refused saying that she’s 元気 (healthy), I also wanted to share my bread and Filipino peanut butter with her but I didn’t have the chance. She reminds me of my grandmother who I loved so dearly. I realized how short our life on Earth is and how important our work as missionaries of sharing the gospel of Christ to these wonderful people.

I also had my very first Christmas party this week in Japan. That day, we were in the apartment bringing the things the office Elders brought for our new apartment. We were waiting for them to come back for our fridge and dining table. Then, the sister missionaries messaged us saying that there’s a Filipino family who went to the Christmas party. We ran immediately towards the train station and contacted the office elders that we’re going to Takashima. It’s a 30 minute run in cold freezing weather with my heavy coat and bag but it was all worth it. We talked to them and to the non-member and found out that His mum is attending church in the Philippines and he had a classmate in elementary who also served a mission in the USA. We invited him to church and talked for a while before they left for work.

I’ve experienced a lot of things in my 3 months in the mission and have learned from it. I’m grateful that I accepted the call to be a missionary. I have no regrets.