Miracle in Okayama: God is Preparing People

Dinner with a Japanese Family

This week, it got confirmed to us that God is indeed preparing people. For the past few weeks, my companion and I were visiting less active members. One day, we were planning to visit a family who’s been away in the church for several years, so we decided to go to their apartment but no one was there. We then decided to knock on every door. Every door we knocked on either shut it, called us annoying, or just simply ignored us. Being optimistic as always, we knocked on every single door until we arrived at the last door and a student opened it. I started to talk to him in Japanese and then my companion realized that he looks like a foreigner so he started to speak English. In the middle of our conversation, we asked where he’s from and he told us that he’s from the Philippines. We talked to him and found out that he was an investigator before but his name wasn’t listed in our area book. He invited us to talk and got to know more about him and his life in Japan.

The next day, we found a restaurant run by a Filipino clan and met a lot of Filipino there. We often go back to the restaurant to eat since they know we’re Filipino missionaries and we get special discounts. We also met with people at the restaurant interested to hear our message. 
On November 27, we went visiting inactive members and found no success. We specifically decided to visit a family that wasn’t contacted for a long time so we went to their apartment and knocked. A lady opened the door and the moment she opened it, I knew she’s a foreigner so I talked to her in English then my companion asked if she’s Filipina and she said yes. We laughed – including her. She told us that the person we’re visiting no longer lives there. We found out that she’s the mother of the person we’re visiting and they live in the same city I lived in back home. She set an appointment to meet with us again. 
We visited her again and said her daughter wasn’t there yet so she told us that she’ll call us back. She never called so we decided to leave.
The moment we were about to leave we met a person who arrived at the same time we were there to get our bikes. We greeted her and told us that she already met us. She saw us at the Filipino restaurant and talked to us for a bit. She told us that his husband and son is a member. She also told us that the person we visited is her sister and she then invited us to her house to meet with her family. She offered us a Filipino dish called ginataang bilo-bilo which is my favourite. She told us that she loves the teachings of the church but decided not to be baptized because she loves drinking coffee. She later told us their family name and found out that they were the family that we were supposed to visit the day we found the student. Their address in the area book was wrong and the door we were knocking that day was an empty apartment. We then later found out that they’re relatives.
If not for the wrong address, we weren’t supposed to meet and visit the student because he wasn’t in our area book. And if we met with the family that we were supposed to visit last Wednesday, we weren’t supposed to know her and her sister who’s interested to learn more about the church. God is indeed preparing people to receive the fullness of the gospel and really loves His children. I love this work so much and even though I’m not being paid to do this, I’m glad that I accepted the call!