Missionary Work on Japanese Television

An old Japanese road in Kurashiki, Japan
When you are diligent and obedient, you will indeed see a lot of miracles. Japan is a very difficult place to do missionary work; we were repeatedly called as annoying. We are the people to be avoided because we have the name Jesus Christ on our badges. Despite all of it, there are some people who are prepared by the Lord to be taught and most of them are unexpected.
We had several exchanges this week and experienced a lot of miracles. I first went to a very provincial place of Wake which is near the mountains. We walked for hours to visit less active members just to find out that no one lives there anymore. I was so tired and thirsty, there’s no convenience store nor do I have enough money, but still I enjoyed it. We then went back to Okayama 駅 (station) to do group 伝道 (proselyte) and met with a lot of people. We then went to a member’s house to share the message of enduring to the end.

The other 交換 (exchanges) that I had was in Kurashiki with a Filipino missionary, which doesn’t happen very often in Japan. My companion, on the other hand, was with a Brazilian. We planned to do door-knocking and tracking at 倉敷駅 (Kurashiki Station). First, we went to nearby houses around the church and we got rejected consistently, a lady even told us never to come back to her house again. Still, we continued door knocking in spite of the consistent rejection.

After that, we went to Kurashiki Heritage Park and it’s packed, full of people. The place was indeed magnificent, we decided to tour the place first and find a good spot to 伝道 (proselytize). While we were in an old Japanese pavement, an old Japanese man approached us telling that he knows that we’re representatives of Jesus Christ which astonished us, because that doesn’t happen very often. We started to teach him about Christ and His church. While we were talking to him, a man approached me saying that he knows we’re missionaries and is very interested to know more about Jesus Christ. He also told me that he met with the missionaries in New Jersey before and is still confused why there’s a lot of Christian Church. He also had a lot of American students who are members of the church who always talk to him about Christ.

While my companion was talking to the other person, I was talking to him. I then gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and explained to him that it strengthen Christ’s divine calling as our Saviour. It supports the prophecies in the Old Testament and the teachings of the New Testament. It also answers that Jesus is not only the Saviour of the Jews but to every mankind. In my peripheral view, people were listening and they wanted to join the conversation so I spoke a little louder.

The next day, we have to leave earlier to catch the train to Takashima for our district meeting. Shortly after our breakfast, we went to the 駅 (station) and went to the Stake Centre. We planned shortly to what we’ll do at the 岡山駅 (Okayama Station). After it, we went to the 駅 (station) and sang Christmas songs in Japanese while a news team filmed us singing. My district leader wore the complete Santa outfit, my companion as Rudolph, and the rest of us as elves. We were passing the Light the World postcards and inviting them to our Christmas party. We talked to a lot of people and sometimes they were even the ones who asked for the postcards that we were distributing! The news reporter interviewed us afterwards.

The next morning, we went to our new apartment and signed a lot of legal documents. We then went to a retirement’s house and sang Christmas songs to the old people. I can see in their faces the joy as we sang words of praises to our Saviour Jesus Christ. Indeed, I’m privileged to be serving these wonderful people!