A street in 岡山市

For the past few days, we’re finding a lot of success in 岡山市 (Okayama City)! We’ve been visiting less active members in the ward and every time we miss them, we find new people to teach. We’ll be very busy this week and will be teaching a lot of people! I also didn’t know that there’s a lot of Filipinos here. There was this one time when my companion and I went to Family Mart and it’s packed with Filipinos – even the cashiers!

This week, I also had the opportunity to go and talk to foster kids. It makes me so happy talking and getting to know them. I’ve already made friends with the children and sometimes play with them (of course with adult supervision). We also found a new friend this week who lives in the same city I lived in back home! We’ll be meeting with her again to share our message with her family.

In our ward, we have a lot of members who live from other countries. Of course, the Japanese people are still the majority of the ward but we have members from Spain, Vietnam, China, Philippines, and the USA. Luckily, we have missionaries from Brazil, Spain, and the Philippines who can translate the sacrament talks for them. Also this week, we had 家族歴史フェア (Family History Fair) in 高島, 岡山 (Takashima, Okayama) and it’s so amazing to find out that the Japanese people can trace their genealogy back in the 1500s compared to our family tree.

I’m enjoying serving the people and the culture of Japan! We’ve seen a lot of miracles here and have a lot of people to teach. I’m so excited to share the gospel of Christ to these wonderful people!