Japan is so beautiful both the country and the people. We’re seeing a lot of success here in Okayama with a lot of golden contacts. I’ve also come to learn the power of bearing testimonies and the importance of listening and understanding the entire context! This is what happened this week:

For 2 days, my companion was in Kobe for his leadership training. Since he’s the zone leader, I was in a trio with the 宣教師たち(missionaries) in Okayama. We started our day with personal study and then watched the LDS Face 2 Face by Elder Gong. We went to Uniqlo to buy heat techs. On our way, We met a group of people who were distributing flyers and they talked to us. A lady read my nametag and saw the name Jesus Christ so I told her we’re His representatives and we’re here to share His gospel in Japan. She then started telling me stories about her visit to Cebu and how severe the poverty in the Philippines is, I agreed with her. Then all of a sudden, she changed the topic and started using vocabs that I could barely understand, I kept on agreeing to her even though I only understood a portion of it. After our conversation, we crossed the street and I asked one of the Elders what she was talking about. I found out that she was teaching a religion that is the complete opposite of Christianity. She told us that the reason why there are a lot of unhappy people in the Philippines is that we believe in Christ and that the only true God is Mt. Fuji. She was preaching that someday, Mt. Fuji will rise up to clean all our sins. I learned a valuable lesson that day, that understanding what they’re saying first before giving an answer is very important!

On that same day, we went to an English class and taught the students free English lessons. After the class, they asked me to introduce myself and to bear my testimony so I did it thinking that they’re members until I heard someone asked what is a 預言者 (prophet). After our class, three people approached us and told us that they’re interested in learning more.

Moving forward to the succeeding days, last Friday was our zone conference and I was reminded of the importance of extending an invitation and following-up. The next day we went to the 駅 (train station) and did a group 伝道 (missionary work). We asked people what is important to them if it’s お金 (money), 自分 (myself), 家族 (family), and etc. Their answers are very interesting!