Japan Kobe Mission: The Pearl of Japan


The Japan Kobe Mission sometimes called the Pearl of Japan, is very rich in culture, history, and traditions. The two previous capital of Japan, the longest bridge in the world, and Universal Studios are all located in our mission. Besides having several tourist attractions, the Japanese people are very respectful and well-mannered. Everything in Japan is so clean, expensive, and the complete opposite of Manila.

My Kobe batchmates and I arrived in Tokyo last Tuesday. I had the opportunity to talk to people both while in Los Angeles and in Tokyo. During our travel from LA to Tokyo, I sat with Japanese non-members and I took the opportunity to talk to them with the Japanese I learned at the MTC. I learned that the person on my left was a music composer in Tokyo and was visiting LA for a music festival while my other seatmate was visiting her friends in California. I also had another opportunity to talked to a businessman on my way to Osaka from Tokyo and introduced him to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love the Japanese people and I’m also learning to love the food! My first area is in Okayama and both my trainer and I knew next to nothing about our area. We’re opening a new area in Okayama and the ward members are so excited to have Elders in their ward. They are very excited to work with us and I’ll do everything to help them! I always make sure to talk to everyone in the streets, train, and on the bus. When the conversation gets too complicated, my trainer is always there to help me! I want to mention that we can cross our boundary and help the other ward in Okayama! So basically, we’re opening a new area and at the same time, we don’t have boundaries which is amazing!

Last Saturday, we were invited by a member to spent time with the foster kids. My companion and I thought that we were playing soccer with them so we decided to change in our soccer attire and rode our bikes to the stadium. When we arrived there, we didn’t know that we’re watching a professional soccer game and we looked like a die-hard soccer fan with our outfits! Since it’s a huge soccer game, there are news teams around and they were filming us which made me nervous! We weren’t in our proselyting attire and the mission President might even see us on national TV looking like soccer fans going to watch the match! After that, we went back to our apartment to change and did missionary work afterwards.

Moving forward! Yesterday was my first Sunday in Japan! I talked to everyone in the ward and made friends with them! I always tried my best to talk to them with my limited 日本語 [Nihongo]! The experience I had yesterday made me realized that I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to serve these wonderful people! After our church service, we rushed to the other ward and talked to the bishop, ward mission leader, and young single adults. Japan is so amazing!