My Last Week at the Provo Missionary Training Center

Mission batchmates going to Kobe Japan (Incomplete)
It’s my last Preparation Day here in Provo, Utah! I’ll be leaving for Japan next week and I’m so excited! Starting next Tuesday I’m going to eat new food, meet new people, and be in a different culture. Japan will be so much fun!

Last Thursday was my first Halloween outside the Philippines! Halloween in the United States is so big and the Elders in our residence wore costumes and went door to door trick or treating. Since we have so much food in our pantry, my roommates gave some of our candies to them. But before that, we taught a native Japanese at TRC about the Plan of Salvation and asked him if he read our follow-up email. To our great surprise, he did and did a little advance reading. He’s so awesome!

The next day, I met him again at the cafeteria getting cheeseburgers. I had a conversation with him in full Japanese. I asked him about his favourite food, how he likes America so far, and why he prefers American sushi than the Japanese. My entire district sat with him that day and was talking to him for the entire meal.

After lunch, we taught another person that we were teaching at TRC about the atonement of Jesus Christ and Repentance. He was asking several questions and is eager to learn. We taught him the steps of repentance and why the atonement of Jesus Christ is important. After our discussion with him, I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to invite him to church and I hid to that prompting. His eyes glowed with joy and excitement as I extended that invitation! He told us that he’ll go with his friends and was looking forward to it! Our next meeting with him, we asked how was his visit to the church – he replied with much enthusiasm!

Moving forward to Yesterday, an apostle visited us again! Dieter F. Uchtdorf was talking about the success that it’s not about having the highest number of baptisms but doing well to the things that we control. I also had the opportunity to sing for the apostle of God about Joseph Smith’s first vision. We sang Joseph Smith’s first prayer and I was seen several times singing in the camera. The devotional was broadcasted to the other 10 Missionary Training Centers of the church worldwide.