A Non-member who is Interested in the Book of Mormon


I’m having a great time here at the MTC! We had our first non-member TRC last Monday with a Japanese native from Sapporo Japan. He is very interested in Jesus Christ and asked a lot of questions especially about the Book of Mormon. If only we had enough time to explain all about the Book of Mormon our lesson would be more interesting. I’m excited to meet him again next Friday!

I also want to let you know that starting this week, we will be meeting with non-members every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and will be skyping with a Nihon Gin through Skype every Wednesday! I’m really excited to let them know that there is a loving God and that Families can be together forever.

Last Wednesday, my companion and I did another orientation for new missionaries (2 districts) in our Branch. They will be speaking Bulgarian, Slovak, and English. I also met a missionary who shares the same interest in business like me. Also, my district played soccer last PDay! it’s been a long time since I played soccer and I love the unity we have as a district.