Practice Teaching and an Apostle’s Visit

My nametag at T4 (or classroom building 4)

みんなさん こんにちは!(Hello everyone!)

Last Wednesday, my district and I had the opportunity to do proxy Temple sealing for a German family at the Provo Temple. It made me so happy that I helped a family to be sealed in the afterlife. “Families can be together forever” is one of the eternal truth that was lost and we’re blessed that Temple ordinances are restored today.

After going to the temple, my companion and I did an orientation to a new missionary in our zone. He’s the only missionary in his district and the only one at the Provo MTC currently studying Romanian.

The next day, we had our third TRC! We prepared a lesson about the importance and blessings of obeying the Law of Tithing, but I was prompted at the last minute that we should teach about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy instead of the latter topic. Despite the lack of preparation, we still followed the prompting.  The lesson went well and through the help of the Holy Ghost, I was able to form Japanese sentences quickly in my head. In that experience, I firmly testify that when we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost we will be guided.

Also in this week, we did one of the hardest tasks here at the MTC: to teach the entire Lesson 1 (Restoration) in Japanese. We had 2 mins to prepare and 8 mins to teach it. We talked as fast as we could but we didn’t make it on time. After the first practice, our Sensei gave us another 2 mins to search for scripture and to give an overview. Again, we were asked to do all of it within 8 mins and guess what we still didn’t make it on time.

Moving forward to yesterday which is the highlight of this week, an apostle came to visit us and he gave a talk at the devotional. I also had an opportunity to sing Lead, Kindly Light with the MTC Choir. The devotional was broadcasted live across the globe and I was seen singing on screen several times. Among all the devotional we had at the MTC, this one is special. Aside from having an apostle as the speaker, Elder Cook brought the real manuscript of Alma 34 and 3 Nephi 16 from the Book of Mormon. Upon seeing the manuscript, I was amazed that there were only a few minor corrections (mostly in punctuation) made. It’s also amazing to note that Joseph Smith translated all of it within 65 working days and with only a single draft. This devotional helped to make my testimony of the Book of Mormon stronger than through the power of God, Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and that it is indeed another testament of Jesus Christ.