Provo MTC: General Conference in Japanese and TRC

From Left to Right: Elder Cragun - Washington D.C. South, Elder Sharp - Washington D.C. South, Elder Strickland - Japan Kobe, Elder Younger - Japan Tokyo North, Elder Isaak - Los Angeles California, Elder Sommers - Los Angeles California, Elder Flores - Japan Kobe

Last week, our roommates left the MTC to go to their mission areas. I was exceedingly sad especially when Elder Cragun did his last matane and Philippine signature sign to me. Two of my roommates went to the Washington DC South Mission and the other two went to Los Angeles California (a photo of us is attached below). After 2 days, our new roommates who will be serving in Africa speaking French arrived.

We also had our second TRC! We taught the principle of repentance and it went well! Next week, we will be teaching to real Japanese non-members here at the MTC. I’m very excited and at the same time nervous. We also had this one discussion with an interested person, he asked a lot of great questions that it took us an hour to answer all of it in Japanese. We taught him two principles that day.

I also had the opportunity to watch the General Conference here in Utah! It’s my first time to watch away from my family and in a different language. I borrowed the Japanese translator and I used it while watching Saturday sessions and Sunday Morning session so I can get used to native speakers.

Yesterday, I had another opportunity to sing with the MTC Choir for the Tuesday devotional. Have I mentioned that among us choir members, not all of us are singing? Despite the musical director’s instruction not to look at the screen while performing, I looked once and saw this group of missionaries who were not singing with their mouths but were singing praises using body language. I know that through music, language barriers can be broken and when we sing together it is a shout of prayer to the Lord.