It’s now the fall season here in Utah! The colour of the leaves starts to change and it got colder and colder every day. The coldest temperature was last Tuesday which was 2 degrees Celsius. So far, I’m enjoying the MTC and have felt the Spirit a lot of times during devotionals and in classes.

Last Thursday, my companion and I had our very first TRC. We taught two 20 minutes lesson about families and the importance of it in God’s plan. The first person was Sister Blazer, and I have to admit, talking in straight Nihongo is very difficult but our lesson went well. She told us after that it’s the message she needs to hear and that she felt the Mitama (Spirit) as we bear our testimonies. She only had one negative comment that we should not speak fast. The second person was Sister Walton and she talks a lot. She served her mission in Japan and she loves the people there. She also loves our discussion and how engaging it was.

During class the next day, someone left a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts on my table. It is from the Lamoreaux Family who lives in Utah. Attached to the box of doughnuts is a letter from Sister Lamoureaux telling me that my mum was her trainer in the mission field and that her family now lives in Utah. One of his sons studies at a nearby university and he also served at Japan, Kobe mission. Both the doughnuts and the letter inspired me to work diligently. I’m grateful for it.

Today, I had another opportunity to be the host missionary assisting the newly arrived missionaries at the MTC. I assisted two missionaries, one who will serve in Texas and one in Uganda. Our zone will also be receiving 20 additional missionaries, I and my companion will be doing the orientation later this evening and will tour them around the MTC campus. I’m really grateful for this beautiful opportunity to meet the beanchans (newbies in Japanese) with a smiling face.