Called to Share in Different Languages


From Persian to French to Russian and Mandarin, most of the missionaries here at the Provo MTC is learning a new language. Exorting this amount of effort without expecting anything in return requires deep conversion and testimony to the savior.

It warms my heart (especially every Wednesday) to see that a lot of young men and women decided to serve the Lord in every nation, kindred, and tongues. Just as I mentioned in my previous email that on my report date around 600 missionaries came to serve the Lord, another batch of 400 missionaries came last Wednesday and today another batch of 330 missionaries reported to the MTC. I’m privileged to be one of the missionaries who was asked to assist them.

Have I mentioned that the Provo MTC is not the largest Missionary Training Center of the Church? The one in Mexico is. As I and Elder Younger tried to finish this very difficult puzzle at the MTC Clinic, I saw these amazing infographics about missionary work (attach below).
Today marks my 3rd week here at the MTC, and I really love it here. Teaching the Priesthood class with Elder Stirkland last Sunday, singing with the choir, and performing ordinances at Provo Temple were some of the few subarashi things that I did this week.

Talking about my experience performing with the choir might be redundant but I want to say it again that when I sing, I feel the presence of the Spirit. I also want to mention that the Provo Temple is magnificent!

In class, we had a lot of opportunities to practice teaching the gospel in Nihongo. Although I’m still not that fluent, with the help of the Holy Ghost, my companion and I were able to teach the importance of inori (prayer) and bore our akashi (testimony) in Nihongo. Our teachers, Blackley and Huber Kyodai, were of great support to us in learning the language. I’m surprised that within 2 weeks we’re now somehow confident teaching in Nihongo. Last Thursday, we already started the Intermediate core and I started to study and familiarize myself to Kanji. I firmly testify that the Igen no Tamamono (Gift of Tongues) is real.
I enjoyed being with my district and roommates. They’re so fun to be with! I forgot to mention in my last email that my companion and I were the only ones that are not in the same room with the rest of our district so we share the room with the other Elders who will serve somewhere in California.

I’m excited to serve the Lord and the people of Japan! Until we meet again! I will return with honour!