I love the MTC! Every Wednesday, new missionaries report here to sacrifice their 18 months (for sisters) to 2 years (for elders) to serve the Lord. A total of 600 missionaries came last Wednesday, Sept 11, and some of them couldn’t even speak English. I’m privileged to be one of the 7 Filipino missionaries who came that day.

I’m blessed to be with my district. Similar to how the Lord called his people Zion in Moses 7:18 – 19, our district’s strength is unity and diligence. We eat, exercise and sometimes study together.

I’ve also joined the MTC choir together with my district, so you’ll probably see me perform with the choir at the General Conference next month (if invited).

In my first week here at the MTC, I’ve experienced a lot of miracles. I firmly testify that the gift of tongues is real. Although we have 2 missionaries in our district who studied Japanese in high school, none of us is fluent. They’re surprised that within 3 days, with the help of the Holy Ghost, they’ve already surpassed their knowledge of Nihongo which took them years to learn.

On our third day, we had practice teaching with Hanada san who only speaks Nihongo, but with the help of the Holy Ghost, we taught him the gospel in 100% Japanese. Also, our sensei (teacher) rarely use Eigo (English) in class. Around 95% of his discussion is in Nihongo, but despite hearing most of the words for the first time, we can understand him and can actively participate in class.

I also want to mention that during our meals, we pray as a district using as much Nihongo as possible. Having learned Japanese for less than a week, we can already pray and testify using our language. Although we’re not the same as other districts that can already speak the language before going to the MTC, with the help of each other, we’ve all progressed and can already have a conversation in 100% Japanese. We also have this JOP (Japanese Only Please) challenge in the cafeteria wherein we’re not allowed to speak another language only Japanese. I firmly testify that the gift of tongues is real because I’ve witnessed it myself during our JOP challenge (SYL is different).