Romrik Flores
Left to Right: Elder Nivera - Japan; Fukuoka Mission; Elder Flores - Japan Kobe Mission; Elder Lozada - Japan Tokyo North Mission; and Sister Erejer - Japan Fukuoka Mission
Last August 12, my batchmates and I successfully passed the US Visa Interview. Here’s what happened.
At around 5 in the morning, our driver picked us up at the hotel where we’re staying with all of us nervous as we came near to the embassy. Arriving at the place clueless of what to do next is what you expect to us first-timers, luckily some local vendors assisted us outside the premisses. I will not make this blog longer because I don’t want to take much of your precious time but the consul who interviewed me appears to be a member of the church. His countenance changed from serious mode to not so serious mode when he read my PIP (Priority Interview Program) letter from the church. The “alleged latter-day saint consul” asked me four questions in total: (1) Where are you going; (2) What will you do there; (3) How long is your stay, and (4) Who is Joseph Smith which I answered enthusiastically even bowing when I gave him my passport haha. After the interview, we asked the manager at the nearest 7/11 store to contact manong driver –  instructing him to pick us up at Luneta, not at the Embassy which she agreed for free. We had some decent photos with the Rizal monument before a group of Chinese tourist came and took our spot.